Simulation and Modeling Services

We provide state of the art simulation & modeling services for airports, rail, and other transportation facilities, including project activities and work sequencing.  Our seasoned professionals use a wide array of simulation and modeling software to simulate accurate project conditions necessary for planning and quality decision-making.  These tools allow us to support our customers in defining the optimum design of facilities and the most efficient sequence of construction to delver value for money.

MAR offers a complete suite of simulation programs to accurately simulate and model project conditions for:

  • Airports – Landside, terminal, and airside components to determine the best use of land, the level of service, and to evaluate the efficiency of facilities
  • Air Space – Airport and surrounding areas to generate recommendations and define procedures for efficient and safe air space management
  • Rail – Computation of time, distance, and power of trains, network rail lines, and car types to improve design and operational efficiencies
  • Harbors – Tankers, equipment, layouts, procedures, and processes for cargo, passenger, and oil ports to evaluate ship and equipment movements, identify any bottlenecks, and ensure safe and efficient operations
  • Material Handling – Logistics and supply chain to identify inefficiencies and provide recommendations for increased productivity.