Development Services

include comprehensive land development, and project development services encompassing preliminary market analysis, feasibility studies, business plan development, financial modeling and forecasting, land-use planning and phasing, and project development phasing. These services ensure that a project is a sound investment and offers a healthy return on investment prior to commitment.
MAR believes the success of any business venture begins with a thorough due-diligence background investigation of the business proposal, the market, and its commercial viability. MAR employs a proven process in investigating and financing a business venture based on many successful projects executed in the past:

    We review and evaluate the proposition to determine if it is well-conceived businesses rationale. We test the business proposition through analysis and modeling to evaluate its viability.
    Next, we formulate the concept, including developing a preliminary feasibility study, performing a risk analysis; assessing the risk, and evaluating the risk allocation. We also ensure that all required agreements with outside parties are acceptable.
    After concept formulation, we finalize all major agreements, perform preliminary design and engineering (if required), determine the Lump Sum Turn Key (LSTK) price of the infrastructure investment, and develop the structure of the financing.
    If the above phases prove successful, we finalize the Information Memorandum, select the lenders, and negotiate term sheets and all related documents.
    All documents and open negotiations items are finalized and the project is released for implementation.