Quality Services

include quality plan development and quality assurance. MAR can provide quality services directly to a specific project to help reduce waste and eliminate rework; we can also help an organization develop and/or improve their quality management program.  Most companies develop a quality plan to obtain International Standards Organization (ISO) Certification. MAR seeks not only to achieve ISO Certification, but to develop a quality plan that provides improved business performance that translates into increased profits.

MAR’s philosophy not only centers on qualifying for ISO certification, but in developing a management system that will achieve our customers’ value objectives. A corporate ISO certification is important because it is recognized by many countries and applies to varied industries. The processes to achieve ISO certification and the corporate standards they verify, simply reflect good management practice. However, not all companies develop a system ready for certification that improves performance. MAR seeks not only to help our customers achieve ISO certification, but to develop a management system that works efficiently in their particular geographic, social, and cultural landscape.

MAR has conducted process and system auditing since our inception. We use the same process approach now advocated by ISO 9001:2015. Additionally, all our auditors are certified management system lead auditors. A partial list of audit criteria we are experienced in using:

  • ISO 9001, ISO 17025, ISO 13485, AS9100, AS9110
  • ISO/TS 16949, QS9000
  • ISO 14001, RC14001
  • Process metrics
  • Government regulations
  • Management specific requirements

Our process and system audit services include the following:

  • Gap analyses against system standards and regulations
  • Due diligence audits, linking people, processes and the system to the results of financial due diligence audits
  • Process audits assessing effectiveness against management and system requirements
  • Contract audits
  • Product audits

MAR can conduct assessments independently or as a member of your team. When assigned to projects, our auditors assess the systems and processes of the project team. They initiate actions to reinforce the project management system so it works effectively in meeting the objectives of the project as a whole and to drive efficiency.

Our auditors also conduct thorough impartial assessments to determine when our customers are ready for accredited registration. Using these services, some of our customers have chosen public declaration of conformity with chosen system standards rather than certification.