Program and Project Management Services

focused on organization, processes, procedures, and delivery. MAR identifies cost, schedule, and quality drivers that are critical to multiple project integration and interface, and coordinates and provides design management, project controls (including budget and schedule management, and document control), and governance services and a full-range of contract administration services for comprehensive management and oversight at both the program and project level. This offers our customers a consistent implementation program that facilitates effective management and control on all levels. We also have proven experience in the development of client training and trial operations programs for a successful facility opening.

Whether it is a single project (project management), or multiple projects linked together (program management), MAR has the resources and experience to deliver. The illustration outlines our approach and capabilities in providing Program Management Services.

Program Management Services, extending through all phases of program development:

  • Leadership and team alignment
  • Business and financial planning
  • General program coordination and management
  • Environmental, health & safety planning and management
  • Sustainability
  • Master program scheduling and phasing management
  • Program controls (Master Budget & Schedule)
  • Governance and control
  • Automation and IT plan
  • Records management
  • Legal services
  • Estimating
  • Master planning and preliminary engineering
  • Design management
  • Operations and maintenance concepts
  • Mobilization planning
  • Contract management
  • Contract work packaging & tender services
  • Material management
  • Quality assurance
  • Site safety and security
  • Project financial management and compliance
  • Regulation / concession management and compliance
  • Program governance
  • Public relations and community engagement
  • Communications program

Project Management Services
Our project management experience extends through all phases of project development and delivery including:

  • Feasibility planning
  • Pre-project planning
  • Strategic facilities analysis
  • Front-end design and engineering
  • Environmental, health & safety management
  • Detailed design and engineering
  • Design management
  • Pre-construction planning and constructability review
  • Procurement
  • Contract development & administration
  • Contract work packaging & tender services
  • Project controls
  • Quality assurance
  • Construction management
  • Field Inspection
  • Construction
  • Material management
  • Testing, start-up, and commissioning
  • Operations training and support
  • Guarantee and warranty management
  • Handover & close-out services
  • Opening day activities